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Our projected opening day is JUNE 10th!!

June 10th will be an invite only event. Are you invited?? Do you want to be invited?

Send us a message request and get your name on the list. We are allowing only a handful of people to reserve their spot for this event.

You might ask; well when is it open to the public??

The answer to that is, JUNE 11th!! On June 11th we will be open to everyone! We have worked long days and nights designing our cozy space, tasted a lot of coffee and sampled a lot of food to find exactly what we had been dreaming of for all of you to enjoy.

We are so excited to be the only Coffee Shop in Landis, NC. Landis has needed revival for some time and we are happy to bring life back into these streets.

Reach out to us today to secure your spot for our invite only opening party.

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